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What we do

Operations Center

  • Command & Control/Mission Command
  • Insurance Claims & Loss Center Border
  • Security Sobriety Check/DUI Check
  • Points Emergency Response
  • Disaster Relief


  • First Aid & Comfort Stations
  • Medical Care & Evaluation Units
  • Emergency Overflow
  • Physician & Dental Clinic
  • Vaccination Clinic
  • Quarantine Area
  • Temporary Morgue
  • Pharmaceutical Storage & Issue


  • Temporary Housing/Shower Facilities
  • Initial Response Comfort Tents
  • Community-based Disaster Relief Centers
  • Warehouse/Distribution Centers

Training / Instructions

  • Durable Field Training & Education
  • On site services for social/field work

Who we are

Our Philosophy

Everyday people worldwide are affected by the need to access clean, potable drinking water, power, communications, air purification, and shelter. Potential threats to the availability of these resources may result from natural and man-made disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis , tornadoes, floods, fires, chemical spills, (bio) hazardous materials, pollution, war, or terrorist activities. These life dependent resources may be unavailable for hours, days, weeks, or even months. ERBUS LifeGRID Technologies provides critical resources such as power, water filtration, communications, shelter, air/HVAC, and lighting when and where you need it. ERBUS LifeGRID's patented breakthrough "All-in-One" utility system is deployable by trailer, truck, boat or aircraft. This new solution is ready before you need it, and quickly operational in the critical time of need.

Industry Introduction

ERBUS LifeGRID Technologies has developed and patented an all-in-one mobile utility resource system that provides critical life sustaining infrastructure anytime, anywhere.

Significant market opportunities exist for the ERBUS LifeGRID Technologies to support emergency and non-emergency management services; humanitarian aid, military and federal agencies, commercial, community, and corporate events..., all of which are our opportunities to support, enhance, and partner with.


RBUS LifeGRID Technologies, Inc., is a Minnesota Company, woman-minority majority owned small business.

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